The professional tablet cash register for a starter price

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OktoPOS Lite is part of the OktoPOS family
Your key to the industry solution with the largest range of functions


OktoPOS lite is a fully functional tablet cash register for

  • Restaurants
  • Retail
  • Bakeries
  • Hairdressers
  • Beauty
  • Services
  • Hospitality



Items Management


Differentiated VAT Rates

User Login by PIN or Waiter Key

Manager- and Cashier Role

Table Management


Different Payment Methods

Distribution Channels

Change Calculator

Side Order Manager

Receipt and Interim Bill

Various Languages

Article Selection by Touchscreen

Ways of Preparation

Ordering information in the kitchen

Gratuity Calculator

Individual Price Entry

Receipt Lists

Cash Reports

Period Closing

Waiter Balance


Sales Reports

Article Reports

Automatic Data Backup

PDF Export

CSV Export


OktoPOS is local and web-based

The cash register runs on a surface tablet, the web based OktoPOS Manager can be accessed with a browser from anywhere with a secure internet connection. The cash register and OktoPOS Manager exchange data by internet connection. Thus, the OktoPOS Manager disposes of real time data.

If the internet connection is interrupted, the cash register continues to work. The data is sent out once the connection is back.

Data is stored secure datacenter. The worry about backups, server, etc. is over. Just connect the cash register with the internet and get started.

The OktoPOS Manager and the cash register are available in different languages. The user can set the language individually.

Mobile Management

Articles and cashiers are managed with the web based OktoPOS Manager. The layout oft he article buttons on the touchpad are managed in the OktoPOS Manager as well. Data is transmited to the cash register over the internet.

At the same time, the OktoPOS Manager is your control center for sales and reports.

Layout image

Ergonomic and comfortable

Despite being a web application, the OktoPOS Manager feels like a dektop program.

  • Export lists
  • Sort lists
  • Drag & drop
  • Several open windows at the same time
OktoPOS Manager example OktoPOS Manager (Terminal Layout Configuration)



  • Microsoft Surface Pro 4 + Surface Dock
  • Table mount
  • Receipt printer, ejection on top
  • Cash drawer, front
€ 1,845

Monthly license

  • No setup cost
  • All prices plus VAT
€ 49 / MONTH


Benefit from the advantage of a tablet PC

Microsoft Surface Pro iPad
Lean tablet computer ✔ ✔
Wide range of peripherals and device drivers ✔ X
Professional maintenace and integration into an enterprise infrastructure ✔ X
Availability of additional software for the same platform ✔ X
USB connections for seamless integration oft he cash drawer, printer and other periphals (no obstruction of operations through wifi). ✔ X
Customer display connection by USB ✔ X

System requirements

windows OS-X Android
PC, Mac.
Recommended resolution: Full HD or higher
Tablet PC or all-in-one PC
LAN / mobile
LAN / mobile
Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari


The system that grows with your needs

Only with OkotPOS lite you are part of a system family, which also meets your needs when your busines becomes a global enterprise. You can upgrade from OktoPOS lite to OktoPOS pro any time. Your data is retained. The upgrade can be done from one day to another without changing hardware.

With OktoPOS pro, the largest range of modules is at your control: Kitchen screens, mobile order terminals, time and attendance, shift scheduling, e-menus, feedback terminals, booking system, delivery service module, customer loyalty (CRM), material control, suitable for branches and franchises, etc.

Thanks to the integration of all modules from cash register to time and attendance, OktoPOS provides a daily proforma P&L with a single click.


About us

OktoPOS is a pioneer and innovation leader in integrated software solutions for integrated mulit unit operations. As early as 1998, the first version of the cloud based OktoPOS Manager was released.

We know the requirements of multi unit operations better than anyone, because we are at home in the industry for nearly two decades.

We know that only integrated solutions from a single provider will succeed.

Everything starts with a register. OktoPOS lite is your key to the OktoPOS pro system.

The cash register is the most important IT application in your store. You need to rely on your system. This includes hardware and software as well as edurance and reliability of your software partner.

The OktoPOS system is developed since 1998 in Germany with a dedicated local staff. We stand by your side. You can rely on this today and in future.

About us

Bodo von Laffert
Founder and CEO


We store and process your data according to our data protection policy.

Office image
OktoPOS Solutions GmbH
Große Elbstraße 212
22767 Hamburg

Phone: +49 (40) 466 565 70
Are you looking for the best tablet cash register for your restaurant, shop, bakery or beauty salon? Welcome to OktoPOS lite, the top pad cash register for retail and services. OktoPOS runs on a Microsoft Surface Pro tablet. Compared to other micro POS cash registers, the Surface is as slim as an iPad or Android device but has various advantages. Benefit from cloud technology. With OktoPOS you have the option to upgrade to OktoPOS pro any time.